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Factory Underground Records Presents Debut Single "16" From Hulu' "Life and Beth" Actor Violet Young

Violet Young, of Hulu’s Life and Beth, is set to release her single “16." The actor is signed to Factory Underground Records, distributed by SRG-ILS/Virgin/Universal Music Group, in partnership with Forever Young Productions.

Norwalk, ( - “16” is the first of a four-song collaboration by Brooklyn, NY-based writers and producers Jackson Hoffman, Ryder Stuart, and Julia Brex, with actor and singer-songwriter Violet Young.

Brex writes: “Violet came into the studio with lyrical and melodic ideas she had written that Jackson, Ryder, and I felt were so universal to the teenage experience. We crafted this 'ode to coming-of-age,' with a sound that is both modern and timeless, like being 16 again."

"16" will be released to worldwide music streaming platforms on March 17, 2023 by Factory Underground Records, in partnership with Young's Forever Young Productions.

"We couldn't be more pleased to be releasing this talented young actor's debut single, which showcases her unique and powerful vocal," said Michael Cusanelli of Factory Underground Records.

As an emerging singer/songwriter, Young’s inspirations include Amy Winehouse, Phoebe Bridgers, and Kacey Musgraves among others.

Of her experience working in the studio with Jackson, Rider, and Julia, Young says: “I’ve felt more confident about my songwriting and process. I feel like I can dive into a song and trust that it can become something. Working with other people and learning from them has been such a blessing and I know I’m a better musician because of it.”

Violet Young can be seen on Hulu in Amy Schumer’s "Life and Beth." She plays the teen version to Amy’s title role as Beth. Young can also be seen as Maya Picasso in Nat Geo’s Genius Picasso with Antonio Banderas.

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About Factory Underground Records:

Norwalk, CT-based Factory Underground Records is a highly creative and cutting-edge media production company with an in-house team of award-winning recording engineers, producers, musicians, songwriters, composers, sound-designers, videographers, photographers, web designers and graphic artists - all working together in a uniquely creative and organic environment. Factory Underground Records is distributed by SRG-ILS/Virgin/UniversalMusicGroup.

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