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Ashely Jo's "Hand Me Down" Worldwide Release by Factory Underground Records; Premiered by Kickin' Kountry 101 on iHeart

Ashely Jo "Hand Me Down"
Ashely Jo "Hand Me Down"

Factory Underground Records is pleased to announce the release of “Hand Me Down,” its debut single by Ridgefield, CT-based singer-songwriter Ashley Jo. The infectiously catchy country song was exclusively premiered by WKCK Kickin’ Kountry​ 101 on iHeart radio, an Asheville, NC-based digital radio station, earning rave public response amongst its extensive national listenership. 

Ashely shared the very moment she heard herself on Kickin' Kountry​ 101 for the very first time with her fans live on TikTok @AshelyJoMusic: "I've been waiting for this for so long. I'm so excited - this is the first time I've ever been on the radio!" she said. 

As of today, she can finally share her excitement with friends and family hearing the song for the first time on major streaming outlets including Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon. ​"Hand Me Down" is first song released by Ashely Jo since she signed with Factory Underground Records, distributed by SRG/ILS, an aggregate to Virgin/Universal Music Group. 

“We see the greatest potential in Ashely Jo, not only as a performer, and recording artist, but as a professional songwriter. She has a rare talent in her lyrical writing, her ability to tell a story, and put that into music,“ said Marc Alan of Factory Underground Records.

Everyone we’ve shared this song with has been blown away, including Shannon​ Steele of Kickin' Kountry 101. So we were really excited to have ​his station premiere the song​. What they're doing is very different, and cutting edge, mixing records top country acts with records by emerging talent they are finding throughout the country," said Alan.

Official logo for Kickin' Kountry 101 on iHeart
Official logo for Kickin' Kountry 101 on iHeart

Shannon Steele ​of Kickin' Kountry 101 certainly is no stranger to country radio; in fact he’s been in it since the age of 12, and his fingers have been on the pulse of the music business ever since. Like many, Steele discovered Ashley Jo through her massive presence on Tik Tok, and he has been following her ever since. 

"I stumbled upon Ashley Jo on TikTok and was immediately blown away by her voice. Her powerful vocals and the grace with which she carries herself are truly mesmerizing. From the first note, I knew she was destined for stardom. Keep an eye on this rising country star!" Steele said.

Meanwhile, his station Kickin Kountry 101 has skyrocketed over the past year to over 500,000 listeners. It will be one of 25 radio stations among major market and nationally syndicated shows, and the only digital station amongst them, to interview top Country Stars at the prestigious CMA and ACM Awards. This honor places Kickin Kountry 101 at the forefront of country music broadcasting as part of the exclusive and coveted Sharla McCoy's Music Row Live Broadcast Event. This is a true mark of distinction for the station, considering McCoy’s own country music pedigree; she has been called one of the most powerful women in country music, as a producer, and manager for over 30 years.

Listen here for Ashely Jo "Hand Me Down" streaming worldwide:

​Kickin' Kountry 101 on iHeart:


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