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      Edisun is an American alternative rock band that released its second album Collision July 31, 2015. The record's first single "Kill Me With A Kiss" was mixed by Ron St. Germain (U2, Muse, 311, Soundgarden) and produced by C. Villani. Other songs on the record were produced by Charley Drayton (The Cult, DeVinyls, Keith Richards). The first single released to radio, "Pins and Needles" has stayed in the Top 40 "Under the Radar" Active Rock Radio chart published by Radio Contraband (peaked at #37) for six weeks. An album promotion to CMJ-College and Triple A Radio is planned for spring 2016, to coincide with a video for the "Pins and Needles" to be released in March.


   "Collision," distributed world-wide by ILS Group, 3rd party aggregate to Universal Music Group and Caroline Music Distiribution, is the follow up to their 2010 debut on EMI. Produced by C. Villani and mixed by Jay Baumgardner (Godsmack, Pod, Papa Roach), the album's singles "Medicate" and "Wide Awake" broke Top 40 Active Rock Mediabase charts.


     Edisun is known as the first hard rock band to tour in Iraq and Afghanistan for US troops on front line bases in the Second Gulf War. Invited guests of Armed Forces Entertainment, USO and the DOD, Edisun has since performed in 24 countries.  They have been interviewed by ABC World News Tonight, been covered by Wall Street Journal and several major national newspapers, as well as been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. Edisun shot it's first music video for the song "Fly" in the middle east, which depicts their interactions with US troops both at shows and flying from show to show in Blackhawk helicopters wearing Kevlar helmets and body armor. For most of the members of Edisun, this was their first time on tour ever--and it was in an activew war zone. 

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