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Exclusive Vevo Premier - New Music Video "Oh Baby" From Alternative Country Rocker's A

Exclusive Premier on Vevo - New Video "Oh Baby" From Alternative Country Rocker's After The Rush, Featuring Ethan Isaac and Joel P Kelley of Edisun

"Oh Baby" is the recording and video debut from After The Rush, an alternative roots-rock band that some are calling alternative-country. This is surprising considering there not a southern bone between the five members of the band. Featuring Madison-WI native Ethan Isaac, lead singer of the rock band Edisun, with his songwriting partner, guitarist Joel P Kelley, of Pottsdman, NY, After The Rush, or ATR as they often call themselves, also features Bridgeport, CT pianist and organist Brian Larney of the band Lines West and The Town Hall, Norwalk, CT bassist Kenny Cash of pop band Che-Val, and New York City drummer Jeff Hatcher. The group of musicians met through their respective bands while recording at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT. Inspired by their friend and songwriting collaborator Myron Dobel, Isaac and Kelley set out to create natural, rootsy sound apart from the hard rock style that defines their group Edisun. Together with the other three players, they have come up with a unique sound that is all their own, utilizing acoustic guitar, acoustic piano, pedal steel guitar, and sing-along harmony vocals, in addition to the grooving drums, bass, and electric guitar. The music video for "Oh Baby" has been produced by Factory Underground Studio, directed and edited by John Shyloski, with additional photography by Aidan Gerety and Tom Stewart. The song was also recorded at Factory Underground, produced by Isaac and Cash, with mastering by Shyloski.

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