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Tom The Suit Forst in the Norwalk Hour: Retired sales executive trades in C-Suite for center stage

NORWALK — After two decades in the corporate world, Tom Forst had had enough.

So when his wife told him they’d finally paid off the last of their children’s college tuition, his response, naturally, was, “I’m quitting.”

That was eight years ago. Back when he had a tight haircut and wore a full suit to work every day. Back when the idea of playing music full time was nothing more than a daydream supplied by a memory.

With the blessing of his wife, Forst gave his six months notice — as it turns out, you don’t just “quit” when you’re the regional vice president of sales at Cox Communications — and returned to a life he always knew he’d find again someday.

“I think if I have a message it’s that you should never give up on your dreams,” Forst said. “The dream was always to start again. It never occurred to me that being older would be a problem, and it hasn’t been.”

Forst, now 65, will release his first solo album, “On Fire,” Jan. 14. Produced by Grammy-winning guitarist, producer and songwriter Paul Nelson and recorded at Norwalk’s Factory Underground, the album features musicians from the Johnny Winter Band, Popa Chubby Band, Allman Brothers Band, Saturday Night Live Band and Steven Colbert Band.

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