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Tom The Suit Forst Signs with Factory Underground Records, New Album "On Fire" Slated for

Factory Underground Records has announced that it has signed on to release the album "On Fire" from blues rock guitarist Tom The Suit Forst. Produced by Grammy Award-winning guitarist Paul Nelson of the late Johnny Winter Band, "On Fire" is a mix of down-home Americana, hard-driving blues-based rockers, and some cherry-picked classics. The album will be released in September 2016 on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and 60 retail and streaming platforms around the world. Showing the world that it's never too late to follow your heart and dreams, and proving that you're never too old to rock and roll--Tom The Suit Forst is an undeniable force of nature. Preparing to release his brand new ten-song blues-rock album with far more energy than many musicians half his age, The Suit, as he is called by fans, friends and family, is 65 years of age. Eight years ago, Thomas Forst was a corporate Vice President at Cox Communications Group, until he decided to quit his top-management position and pursue a full-time career in music. He packed up his 401K, turned in his key to the executive wash room, and hit the road road running-guitar case in hand. He has never looked back. "I had always played music of course, but never had the time to pursue it seriously. I was married, raising three children, and television advertising had become my world. But then one day I walked in the house and saw my wife paying the bills. I asked her why she looked so happy and she said that she was paying our last two college tuition bills. I immediately called my boss and told him I was quitting. That was the day I decided it was time for my music."

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