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"Vampires and Wolves" is the brand new lyric video from alt-rock indie band Edisun. A lush cinematic setting beautifully captures the melancholy feel of the song that Ethan Isaac, the band's vocalist and lyricist, describes as a tragic love song set in New York City. The song is contained on the Edisun "Collision" album that is available on Apple Music, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and other retail/streaming outlets from Factory Underground Records, with digital distribution by ILS/Caroline/Universal Music Group International.

The "Vampires and Wolves" title was inspired by the mayhem surrounding the Twilight movie, explains Edisun's vocalist and lyricist Ethan Isaac: "I had been sitting in an airport flying back from the Middle East; I was watching a news story about the actress (Kristen Stewart) from Twilight and the insanity surrounding her at the time... the paparazzi chasing after her. From there it became a love story in my head about two people impossibly trying to escape the limelight, holding on to some shred of privacy away from the constant glare of the camera."

About the lyric video, Ethan continues: "We didn't want to be so literal with this lyric video- we just wanted to capture the mood of New York City in October. In the time that I lived there, it was always October that I loved most--the brilliant fall leaves tearing up the sky."

"The video was the work of an incredible young videographer we have working at the Factory Underground - Nick Swanson. I told him I just wanted to get the mood right, and then I left it up to Nick to bring the lyrics to life- I love song lyrics that are open enough for people to form their own stories in their minds."

For listeners more familiar with the active rock sound of Edisun songs "Medicate" and "Wide Awake," Vampires and Wolves is an interesting if unexpected acoustic departure. The simple arrangement--consisting of acoustic guitar and harmony vocals, snare drum brush strokes keeping the song moving, and touches of slide guitar in the middle bridge.

"Actually we have always had softer songs on our records, songs that didn't get played on rock radio, but still represent the band our true fans know. I never want to be a band that plays the same formulaic song over and over. I don't consider a song like "Vampires and Wolves" taking a big chance for rock band like Edisun. I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, a band that went from Black Dog to Going to California. That had a huge influence on me--the diversity of their incredible sound."

"Vampires and Wolves" has been released to Edisun's band You Tube channel. Releases to Vevo and Facebook are expected soon.

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