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The latest music video from alternative rockers EDISUN, "Pins and Needles" from their incredible album "Collision," released by Factory Underground in association with Sono Recording Group (SRG Records) on July 31, 2015. This album of nine new songs has been distributed world-wide through ILS Music Group, 3rd party aggregate to Universal Music Canada and Caroline Music US and International.

Directed by John Shyloski, the video was produced and edited on-location at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, Ct. The song "Pins and Needles" was recorded at the Factory Underground, with executive production by Claude Villani, production by Charley Drayton, with mixing and mastering by John Shyloski. "Pins and Needles" was written by Ethan Isaac and Joel P Kelley, and published by Echo The World (ASCAP) copyright 2015.

Edisun, whose career trajectory started with their 2011 self-titled debut album sending tracks "Medicate" and "Wide Awake" to the Top 40 of Mediabase Active Rock radio chart, first rose to national prominence after becoming the first hard rock band to tour front-line military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan performing for American troops in the Second Gulf War. Invited guests of Armed Forces Entertainment and the USO, Edisun were featured on ABC World News Tonight, in the pages of Rolling Stone, Wall Street Journal, and several other major newspapers--before they completed demos for their first album.

While the road to rock stardom is seldom an easy journey, no rock n roll band ever expects their first tour as a band to be in an active war zone, a Blackhwak helicopter for a tour bus, and Kevlar body armor worn in 100 degree desert heat. For Edisun, this is exactly how it happened for them--and according to Edisun vocalist: "an experience that changed all our lives, and part of the reason we are still playing music to this day." Edisun has to date performed for US soldiers in 25 countries, and are active supporters of veterans causes such as Wounded Warriors.

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Edisun "Collision" is available on iTunes worldwide:

Also look for "Pins and Needles" and other songs from "Collision" on Spotify: (Record Label and Label Services) (Record and Video Production)

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