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Goose "Moon Cabin" World-Wide Digital Release February 19, 2016

Effortlessly traversing diverse musical terrain from New-Age Funk-Folk to Progressive Jam-Rock is a band known simply as Goose. Their latest recording, an album titled "Moon Cabin," was recorded this past December in a snowbond lakeside New Hampshire cabin, and mixed at the Factory Underground recording studio in Nor

walk, Ct. Produced and mixed by Factory Underground artist-producer Kenny Cash, the album was mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer John Shyloski. The album which contains eleven original songs penned by singer-songwriter-guitarist Rick Mitarotonda with musical contributions from drummer Ben Atkind, pianist/keyboardists Chris Enright and Patt Carr, and bassist Trevor Weeks, is to be released world-wide on 63 streaming and retail platforms on February 19, 2016, including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and Pandora. This album reveals a deeply musical band ready for international spotlight.

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