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Factory Underground Label Services Launches Social Media Package for Indie and Emerging Artists

Responding to the need of independent and emerging artists desiring increased social media presence, Factory Underground recently announed that is offering a Social Media Management, Publicity and Marketing Starter Package through its Label Services Division. The platform has been priced to meet the budget of these artists, while still over delivering on targeted results.

Marketing materials including a custom-written bio, press "one sheet," and one custom written-distributed 'press release" round out the package, which also includes a monthly consultation-strategy session and

reporting of social media analytics.

From Marc Alan, Factory Undergrond Records Director of Marketing: "We saw that with our formidable in-house services, we are in position to help not only our own label artists but our recording clients as well, many of whom desperately need these services, but don't all come with major label promotional budgets. We designed this program to be affordable to independent artists, who are the core of our business."

For more information: Click here

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