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Eager to expand awareness of their unique pop songwriting and musical production-style within the worldwide DJ and remix community, Che-Val has made their new album "Waterproof" available through the Digital DJ Pool platform. Subscribers to the platform have access to 320 kbps Mp3 files of "Waterproof" songs including Love Still Waiting, Poison, The Lead, Gone Mad, Waterproof, My Beat, and Oh Darling, with both original mix and instrumental tracks available for each.

Digital DJ Pool is a modern take on the vinyl record clubs DJ's once turned to for their latest club mix material, and users include working DJs, producers, and remix artists around the world. The site is also used by prominent feature artists such as Dennis Blaze of 93.5 FM KDAY (Los Angeles), DJ Neil Armstrong, USA & WORLD DMC CHAMPION DJ ~ 3x Red Bull Thre3style Winner Chris Karns, DJ Noodles of 97.3 FM Miami, DJ DopeOne, and the Z100 KTU DJ known only as Riddler, who Billboard magazine lists as the on top selling DJ's in the field of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). DJs on the Digital DJ Pool platform have access to all the contents of the site for a monthly subscription fee, with free previews available. The site has been listed on Google as one of the top ranked DJ Pools in the world; this was a primary influence on Che-Val's decision to launch their music on the platform.

Che-Val’s tracks have already seen a large amount of pickup with of signs of slowing. With Laura’s background in dance music and Kenny being a producer and remixer himself, the couple is excited to hear the individual interpretations of this thriving community. “It’s like hearing a story you love from a completely different perspective. It opens your eyes and ears to something entirely new and inspiring and takes you somewhere you may have never planned," Kenny says. Kenny Cash began his music career with a full scholarship at the Berklee College of Music before becoming a co-owner of Norwalk, Ct’s Factory Underground Studio. This is where he met Laura when she came in to record a guest spot on a friend’s song. The couple's album "Waterproof" is their first record under the name Che-Val. "We had been writing and recording material that was a mix of Kenny's growing interest in mixing electronic textures with organic orchestral instruments. I found that mix of styles really worked with the songs I was writing."

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