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Norwalk recording artist FNX (pronounced Phoenix), in association with Factory Underground Studio and the George Washington Carver Foundation is proud to announce the “Hometown Love” Food Drive. This event will be taking place on Sunday, June 26 from 11am to 6pm at the Carver Community Center (7 Academy St., Norwalk, Ct). In addition to the goal of raising 500 canned food times to be donated to the Person-to-Person Food Bank, there will also be a BBQ cook-out, 5-on-5 basketball tournament, raffle, and music by DJ Connect.

Leading up to the event there is a GoFundMe campaign being run in order to cover the costs associated with the event, including food and drink, t-shirts for tournament participants, and a referee. These donations are being accepted on a rolling basis and any money raised above and beyond actual costs will go directly to Person-to-Person.

Faced with childhood homelessness, surviving abusive experiences in a shelter with his young mother, FNX found solace in music and the nurturing environment of the Carver Center, which is one of the largest providers of after school programs in Norwalk – serving up to one thousand children daily. Now, armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the Southern Connecticut State University and a Master’s Degree of Science in Organizational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University, things have come full circle for this artist through his work as an official advocate of the center. “Working with these kids is important for me because I am one of them. It’s a chance for me to show them what music and education can do. I want them to say, ‘If FNX did it, I can do it too.’”

This event serves not just to give back to the community in a tangible way, through monetary and food donations, but also by offering a day of family fun for anyone who needs a little “hometown love.” Music, food, sports, and more will all come together to celebrate the Norwalk community.

The 5-on-5 basketball tournament has an age requirement of 16 or older. The entry fee is $250 per team, which includes an event shirt for all members with a cash prize awarded to the winning team. In order to sign up, participants must contact Joel of event sponsor Joel’s Barber Lounge prior to June 14. He may be reached by phone at (203) 434-9551 or via email at

The event is open to people of all ages with a suggested food donation of two cans of food with a freshness date to expire no less than one month in the future. Barbecue food items and beverage will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


“Hometown Love” Food Drive Presented by FNX & Factory Underground

Date: Sunday, June 26, 2016

Time: 11AM to 6PM

Location: Carver Community Center, 7 Academy St., Norwalk, Ct

Beneficiaries & Sponsors


Carver Community Center:

Factory Underground Records:

Factory Underground Studio:

Joel’s Barber Lounge: 71 Cedar St., Norwalk, Ct | (203) 434-9551

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