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   Aside from casual encounters throughout their childhood growing up in the same hometown, Rick and Jillian never truly knew one another until the summer of 2013.  Jillian was saving up money to move to Colorado and study healing arts, and Rick’s primary musical focus was in the process of disbanding.  While Rick had been writing songs and playing guitar since the age of 12, Jillian primarily identified as an artist and a poet.  It was after one of his band's shows that Jillian sent Rick a poem she had written, and so began a powerful exchange between the two.  Their common creative and spiritual interests continued to draw them to each other, and quickly led to them spending the majority of their time together.

   Although constantly sharing ideas and personal creative endeavors, their musical collaboration didn’t arrive until a few months later during a snowstorm in the winter of 2013.  Rick wrote “A Place to Hide” that afternoon while Jillian was in the shower, which became the first song they ever sang together.  As their relationship continued to deepen, Rick decided to join her on her journey west the following spring.  Their experience during their time in Colorado culminated in their self-titled EP, Taro.

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