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GOOSE "Moon Cabin"


The latest record release from Factory Underground Records, "Moon Cabin," from the progressive folk and funk band known simply as Goose, was tracked this past November by our own Kenny Cash in a snow-bound lakeside cabin in New Hampshire. Final vocals, solo, mixing and mastering were completed in our Norwalk, Ct-Factory Underground Studio. Goose effortlessly traverse a variety of styles from prog jam-rock to new-age funk, with 3-part harmony vocals and melodic/lyrical hooks so big you can carry them around for days.


Lead singer-guitarist-songwriter Rick Mitarotonda and his band mates are originally from Wilton, Ct and now all live in one big house outside of Worcester, MA, where they write, rehearse, jam and occasionally cook. They will be on tour this fall after Rick joins four of his bandmates as alumni of the Berklee College of Music. 


"Moon Cabin" will be available February 19, 2016 on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora and 50+ streaming and retails platforms around the world.



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