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Debut EP Gold-Plated

Factory Underground Records

Street Date: August 24, 2018

Ambient Alt-Pop

Summertime Single:

Ice Cream + Memes


For Fans of: Lana Del Rey, Mazzy Star, and Amy Winehouse

Gold-Plated Final.jpg

Factory Underground Records

Marc Alan

Director of Marketing

(203) 275-8672 ext 107

​Brenna McIntyre

Radio Promotions

(203) 275-8672 ext 104

Evan J Katz

Bookings and Appearances

(203) 275-8672 ext 109

     "Gold-Plated was written during my quarter-life crisis.  Not only struggling with money, but also struggling to let go of an unrequited love that became a ghost and haunted my psyche, while trying to move on with someone else.  I want to say that only wonderful things came from this EP, and while it opened so many magical doors, it raised questions and concerns in other areas.  I can only hope that my listeners can respect that this is my ugly and sensitive truth, and hopefully it's art and humanity shines through."

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