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     "Long  ago  in  an earlier lifetime  of performing, I did a lot of busking, playing  bars, hotels and cruise ships. There were publishing deals,  almost record deals, voice overs in movies and a job as A&R for Atlantic Nashville out of LA.  It was a wild and rambling time."  
    Eventually  the tides changed, and I  found myself immersed in a different life of painting and photography.  I believe the solitude of being a painter and the exploration of a unique style of painting  offered  me a different perspective to  songwriting. Not sure if it's an innate sense of restlessness or if the winds were just revving up again, but eventually I put the paintbrush aside in search of a different kind of canvas and palette." 
     "At a particularly low point when I was sure the tide would never come in again,  a friend took me to a concert. The me walking into that concert became transformed and re-ignited during those life-changing 90 minutes."  

     Diversions LA says in their February 2018 review, Carolee Rainey Tells Listeners to Feel Fearless. "Evoking comparisons with Stevie Nicks the songs on her potent debut mini-album reflect inspirational and empowering messages lyrically.  The music is solid, strongly singable, and will delightfully lodge in listeners internal musical repertoire for a long time."

     Philosophically, Rainey says she views life as a journey.  She asks that listeners tune in to her songs because “they’ve got life, wisdom and lightness even if they can get lonely and dark.”  
     Tight backing musicians create magnetic listenable support to Rainey, including Doug Yowell, Richard Hammond, Thad DeBrock, Everett Bradley and Clifford Carter on acoustic piano and keys.  The EP was produced by Grammy and Emmy award winning producer Robert L. Smith at Defy Recordings and  Avatar Studios in New York City.

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